Thursday, May 15, 2014

Forest of Reading Award Winners 2014

Congrats to Rebecca Upjohn & Renné Benoit who have won the SilverBirch Express Award for Secret of the Village Fool!

Secret of the Village Fool

Rebecca Upjohn, Renné Benoit

Second Story Press

Milek and his brother Munio live in a sleepy village in Poland, where nothing exciting seems to happen. They reluctantly do as their mother asks when she asks them to visit their neighbor Anton, knowing that the rest of the village laughs at him because of his strange habits of speaking to animals and only eating vegetables. Things change quickly when war comes to their town in the form of Nazi soldiers searching for Jewish families like that of Milek and Munio. Anton refuses to tell the soldiers where to find them, and then goes so far as to hide the family in his own home, putting his life at risk without a thought. Based on a true story.

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