Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What is Reader's Advisory?

I have always been interested in Reader's Advisory. Working at the Lincoln Public Library it is my goal for everyone to leave with a book.
So when I hear the words... I have read every Catherine Cookson book and now I have nothing to read and what should  I do... Here is the answer....  Readalikes

What you may ask is a readalike? It is an author that writes similar to another author or has similar settings or characters.

So back to Catherine Cookson question...



Here is a list of authors that are similar to Catherine Cookson or Catherine Cookson Readalikes.

·         Lyn Andrews
·         Anne Baker
·         Lillian Beckwith
·         Maeve Binchy
·         Josephine Cox
·         Margaret Davis
·         Katie Flynn
·         Helen Forrester
·         Christine Fraser
·         Margaret Graham
·         Audrey Howard
·         Maureen Lee
·         Lena Kennedy
·         Jessica Stirling
·         Jean Stubbs
·         Phyllis Whitney


So if you have finished reading all the current books from your favourite author, ask one of our helpful library staff to find you your best next read.


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