Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Books set in Toronto

Yesterday we had someone come into the library looking for a book for a book club. The setting was Toronto. I was stumped,  the only book that I could think of was Cabbage Town by Hugh Garner.

I looked up the keyword Toronto in the Lincoln Public Library's Catalogue using the advance settings to narrow down my topic.   This is how my Library Catalogue search screen looked like:

My search resulted in 109 books in the Lincoln Public Library's catalogue with the keyword Toronto. It is was not a perfect search but all the books included going to Toronto or the person is from Toronto or was going back to Toronto or the setting was Toronto.
I thought if I did the same search but  I would use City of Toronto for my keyword . I applied the same limiters:  Item Type : Book, Audience : Adult and Literary Type: Fiction.
My search results were cut down to 13 books.
Then I started to wonder if anyone has created a list or blog about Books set in Toronto. I found this great blog   Posted by Derek Flack / August 25, 2011.  It is a list of the top 20 novels set in Toronto that was put together via  reading suggestions.
I also checked out The Toronto Public Library's page;                  
This list breaks down Toronto through the ages even the future.
Then I began to wonder what movies were filmed in Toronto.
Here is a link from, the article is Hollywood North: Toronto Locations used in film by Jeff Cottrill
Reader's Digest has an article 10 Famous Movies You Didn't Know Were Filmed in Canada which was included a number of references to Toronto.
Now guess  how many times I used the word Toronto.... 18!
I now want to read a book set in Toronto.... now 19 times!

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